Areas of Practice

Class Action Litigation
These cases are brought by one or more persons or entities on behalf of others who are similarly situated.  Class actions usually involve situations where the plaintiff’s damages or losses are not big enough to justify filing a lawsuit just for himself/herself, and the misconduct that affected the plaintiff also affected many other people. Courts usually require that the plaintiff be “typical” of the people in the class and be able to adequately represent the class.   The Lin Law Firm normally takes these cases on a wholly contingency fee basis and bears the risks of litigation.

Consumer Litigation
Consumer litigation may include issues such as consumer fraud, breach of warranties, false advertising, product defects, and other related matters.  They may be brought under state or federal law, and may include legal claims such as breach of express warranty, breach of implied warranty, or violations of unfair business practices act enacted in many states.

Employment Litigation
Employment litigation often involves employees who claim that their employers failed to pay them for all hours worked or fail to provide compensation or benefits under applicable federal or state law.  Some common causes of employment law violations include failing to provide required rest and meal breaks, failing to pay overtime, failing to pay minimum wage, and misclassifying workers as independent contractors rather than as employees.  When the violations are company-wide and affect numerous employees, a wage and hour class action may be appropriate.

Securities Litigation
A securities claim may arise when a company, officers/director/agents, or brokers make misrepresentations or omit to state necessary material facts related to investors’ purchase of stocks or other securities.  Upon disclosure of the true facts, the price of the security will often plummet, causing investors to suffer damages.  The federal securities laws provide anti-fraud provisions that serve to protect defrauded investors and allow investors to bring suit to recover their losses.